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About Us

We help you obtain your second passport

Argentinian Passport is a division of Momentous Technologies Corp, a US based company with offices in Dubai Silicon Oasis and Palermo Buenos Aires. We are a consulting and advisory company dedicated to working with our clients to leverage our 17 years of experience in achieving their immigration goals. 

With a team of highly skilled advisors, we are committed to enabling individuals and families to gain global access and become global citizens; providing them with the ability to live, school, work, grow wealth and travel the world. Argentinian Passport works with a number of governments and licensed lawyers in Argentina and Brazil

We have successfully processed 1000+ applications. Join Our community!

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"I can't thank Argentinian Passport enough for their exceptional migration services. From start to finish, they guided me through the process of securing a second passport for Argentina with unmatched expertise. Their round-the-clock assistance truly made a difference, and the best part was the affordable cost. If you're considering a second passport, look no further!"

Sama Salih Hassan, Iraq

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