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At Argentinian Passport, we help you immigrate to Argentina, quickly obtain a permanent residency card and an Argentine passport, which opens visa free travel to more than 174 countries around the world     

Argentina is known for offering a high quality of life at a relatively low cost compared to other countries. Argentine cities provide a wide range of services and amenities, such as a good healthcare system, quality education, and a great variety of cultural and entertainment options.
Argentina is famous for its rich culture, passion for football, music, and gastronomy, including the renowned asado (barbecue) and quality wines. Argentinians are known for being friendly and warm, making it easier to integrate and adapt to life in the country.

Second Passport

Nowhere in the world can you get a second passport as quickly as in Argentina! Especially after giving birth in Argentina or marrying an Argentine citizen. In other countries, you have to reside for 3-5 years before applying for the citizenship. In Argentina, you can apply for the citizenship immediately after giving birth or getting married. You are exempted from the requirement of a 2 year minimum uninterrupted stay in the country.

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Our service includes supporting you throughout the citzenship process.  Everything you and your family need until obtaining your passport from 50,000 USD!

Preparation before arrival

We will tell you what documents to take with you, guide you in choosing housing and a hospital

Spanish course for immigrants 

We have an excellent Spanish course for immigrants. 

Accommodation selection

You tell us what kind of accommodation you would like to find, and we will offer you the most suitable options for you

Airline selection

We can recommend to you the cheapest and most convenient travel routes

Meeting at the airport

We meet you at the airport and take you to your rented apartment. You are in safe hands from the moment you arrive

Personal accompaniment

We provide you with a personal manager who will personally accompany you to hospitals and government agencies

Personal remote support

You will always be in touch on WhatsApp with your personal assistant 

Unlimited visits to the doctor

We will accompany you to doctors and medical procedures as many times as your doctor says

Personal meetings on other issues

Request a meeting at your own convinience

Attendance at birth or marriage

Your personal assistant, at your request and for your peace of mind, will be present at your birth

Documents for a child

We take care of the bureaucracy while you take care of your newborn baby or your partner. No lines will overshadow your joy

Permanent residence and citizenship for parents spouse

You can start processing your documents immediately after marriage or birth, or you can at any other time - our support is already included in the fees.

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