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  • What benefits do I have with dual citizenship?
    There are numerous benefits of having dual citizenships, as you would be getting the best of both worlds in terms of enjoying visa-free travel to more countries, gaining access to quality healthcare or studying at world class universities for free.
  • How do I get Argentine citizenship and passport?
    There are multiple paths to getting Argentina citizenship, here are a few: Getting married to an Argentine citizen. This path enables you to apply for citizenship immediately after getting married. It eliminates the requirment to reside in Argentina for 2 years Given birth to a child on Argentine soil. This path entitles the newborn to citizenship immediately. Additionally, both parents may apply for citizenship immediately after the birth of the child. It eliminates the requirement to reside in Argentina for 2 years. All other siblings qualify for a permanent residency in Argentina Living in Argentina as a permanent resident for 2 years
  • How safe is Argentina?
    There is no terrorism in Argentina, there are no wars. Argentina is considered to be the safest country in Latin America. Please note that this does not mean that danger does not exist at all. You must always remember to remain vigilant.
  • Tell me more about Argentina?
    Argentina is a full-fledged democracy located at the southern tip of South America. It enjoys 4 mild seasons. It is a major global economy, part of the G20 Economic Group. Its economy was one of the top 10 economies in the 1900’s and despite its recent economic misgivings, Argentina remains a global agricultural powerhouse. It is the world largest producer of soya and the second largest producer of corn. Argentina has access to tremendous resources of fresh water, a precious resource in the age of global warming.
  • How much money do you need for a comfortable life in Argentina?
    A family of 2-3 people can live quite comfortably on 2000 USD per month. Living on less income will be uncomfortable. The better you know Spanish and the longer you live in the country, the lower your costs.
  • Argentine citizenship vs. Caribbean citizenships?
    Becoming a citizen of a G20 country of 40 Million people is far superior than becoming a citizen of a nation island of few thousand habitants. Here are some of the main differences: In line with the recent EU clampdown on European citizenship by investment programs, it is likely that the visa free travel for holders of Caribbean passports would change soon. Effectively, rendering a Caribbean passport far less attractive. This is far less likely to happen with Argentina as most of the 7M annual visitors come from the EU and the UK. Any change would subject those visitors to visa requirements upon entry into Argentina based on reciprocity rules The process of obtaining a Caribbean citizenship is very costly compared to that of Argentina. All the while processing times are very comparable Argentina offers free healthcare and world class education for your family The cost of living in Argentina is far less than that of any caribbean island
  • Am I required to speak Spanish to get Argentine citizenship?
    It is not required for citizenship by marriage or child birth. Having said that, basic Spanish is always appreciated on the day of the ceremony. We have relationships with several Spanish institutes where you can take classes if required. It is very easy to learn spanish for those who speak Arabic as many spanish words have their roots in Arabic
  • What is dual citizenship?
    Dual citizenship – or dual nationality – is when an individual holds citizenship of two countries simultaneously, i.e., two passports. This is generally possible depending on the respective country’s immigration law, dual citizenship policies, and internal agreements with another nation. While some countries only allow for a single citizenship, other countries, such as Argentina, recognize dual citizenship and even multiple citizenship.
  • Can I buy Argentine passport?
    No. Unlike some of the Caribbean island nations, which offer citizenship by donation, Argentina does not offer such path to citizenship.
  • Do I have to pay taxes if I become an Argentine citizen?
    You can be a citizen of Argentina and live outside the country. In this case you don’t have to pay taxes in Argentina. However, if you live in Argentina you will be subjected to local taxes.
  • Why should I choose Argentina as the country of my second citizenship?
    Becoming an Argentine citizen entitles you to the following benefits, just to name a few: Visa-free travel to 174 countries Argentina is the ONLY country in the world that has no residency requirement in the case of marriage or child birth. Effectively, you can apply for the citizenship and the passport almost immediately after getting married or giving brith to a child in Argentina The ability to live permanently in any Mercosur country (Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Suriname) World class universities with the university of Buenos Aires ranked 67 globally The choice of free public healthcare or world class private health insurance. Did you know that the doctor who invented the bypass surgery was an Argentine? The opportunity to live in the capital city of Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, visited by more than 7 million tourists annually. The honor of being a compatriot of Messi, Maradonna and the five Nobel prize laureates Argentina has produced
  • Does Argentina accept immigrants from Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Iran?
    Yes, it does. Argentina has welcomed immigrants from the Middle East since the late 1800’s. There is a vibrant muslim community in Argentina that exceeds 1M. Buenos Aires is home to King Fahad’s splendid mosque located at the heart of the Palermo district, one amongst many others around the city.
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