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Why Argentina?

At the southern tip of South America is the country of Argentina. With its long coastlines, endless prairies, majestic waterfalls and towering Andes Mountains, it's an exciting destination that should be on everyone's radar. It produces world-class wine, has a thriving nightlife, and is home to the national treasure known as Tango.


  Country open to immigrants 


  Minimum Requirements 

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

  Simple immigration laws

Argentina is a country of immigrants who, according to the Constitution, have equal rights with citizens of the country.

In fact, Argentina requires only one thing from immigrants: the absence of outstanding convictions.

There are 14 legal grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Argentina, among which marriage or giving birth

Family Portrait

Obtaining permanent residency without leaving the country 


  Climate for every taste


  Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America 

You can come to Argentina

as tourists and change your migration status on the spot.

Argentina is a huge country, stretches from north to south. You can live in the tropics, in the mountains or even by the sea.

It is the the Paris of South America with many parks, restaurants, bars, hospitals and educational institutions


  Fresh and quality products 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

  High level of medicine

House tour

  Real estate for every taste

Argentina produces food for 400 million people: vegetables, fruit wine - all of export quality

Argentine medicine is the best in the continent, on par the with European standards

In Buenos Aires you can find any kind of real estate: apartments, two- and three-story apartments, townhouses or mansions.

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